Interact with Jack White.

jack white

Jack White’s That Black Bat Licorice (dir. J. Blagden, J. White & B. Holland)

The ever charismatic Jack White has recently dropped a three-video-in-one interactive video for his newest single, ‘That Black Bat Licorice’. The innovative clip gives the viewer three viewing options. The first is an animation from director James Blagden, which sees a cartoon White navigate a creepy black and blue 2D world of bats and Pharaohs. If this scenario doesn’t take your fancy then you can simply hold down “3” or “B” to watch a different parallel scene. The “3” key will take you to a self-directed clip by White and features the man himself looking very moody whilst alternating between hues of blue, black & white and inverted colours. As well as some masked dancing men and portraits of George Washington thrown in for good measure. The “B” key will take you to a Brad Holland directed video of headbangin’ kids rocking out to the Lazaretto tune in slo-mo. Because well, why not?

Check out the video below – 

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