Shooter McGavin.

call of duty

We seem to ben the last people to know what an Emily Ratajkowski is. In fact, our knowledge of models seems to pale in comparison to almost everyone else around us. We’ve know Elle MacPherson is and that’s about it. Ever heard of a thing called ‘Blurred Lines’? We hadn’t. Anyway, our best mate Emily ‘Ratty’ Ratajkowski and old husky guts Taylor Kitsch have popped up in a live action commercial directed by Peter Berg for the upcoming video game Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare. It’s so upcoming that the release date is tomorrow. Time will tell whether it will be painfully similar to almost every other Call of Duty game, but our money is on yes. This ad is pretty nifty though, even if the brief appearance from Ratty is fairly incongruous with the rest of what’s going on. Could say that she’s just in the video as a bit of a….call of booty….if you get our drift. We’ll let ourselves out.

Check out the video below – 

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