Meet Dave.

david fincher

Video essays can be a bit hit and miss. Supercuts can be even hittier and missier. This video essay, focusing on the work of director David Fincher, is on the more hit side than the miss side. It’s well edited, thoughtfully composed but, most of all, it offers a strong impression of why Fincher’s work is so respected. Seven, Fight ClubZodiac, The Social Network, Gone Girl…imagine a world without them. We’re not sure we want to. There’s nobody else out there like David Fincher, which is fine, because David Fincher does what he does well enough for it to be enough.

Vimeo user cgmzz clearly has a healthy appreciation for the Finchmeister and that appreciation has manifested itself in this video. So well put together is this little nugget that even The Curious Case of Benjamin Button looks like it’s something worth watching, which is no mean feat.

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