Lots of people say things like ‘what a year it has been’ when years comes to an end, here and there. Here at The ReelGood Podcast, we’re inclined to wholly fall in line with expectations, not ruffle any feathers and subscribe to adherence rather than innovation. So, in keeping with what lots of normal people do, we’d like to declare something along the lines of what a year it has been. We’re not wrong. It’s been a year.

How, without us guiding you through the murky waters of cinema in 2018, would you have known what to like and what not to like – regarding movies that is. Our authority regarding anything other than cinema is fairly limited. We have no idea where to get the best hotdog of 2018, nor could we point you in the direction of 2018’s worst toothbrush.


Films though, we like them, and we enjoy talking with one another about them. But most of all, we enjoy putting those discussions up online for your listening pleasure, or displeasure, depending on how forgiving you are of our humble opinions. This episode is all about 2018, because that’s a year we’re never going to experience again. There are some serious highs, such as Alfonso Cuaron’s Roma or Paul Schrader’s First Reformed, and some troubling lows, such as Corin Hardy’s The Nun.

Sit back, or forward, and enjoy our recap of 2018. For what a year it has been. And whether 2019 will also bring the sort of cinematic joys that we have become accustomed to, only the future knows.