It’s been a year since the last time your intrepid ReelGood podcasters gathered together to record some movie opinions for your ear holes. Those last days of 2019 were simpler times, when we didn’t have any idea what a coronavirus was, and no clue that cloth masks would soon become a medically necessary fashion accessory.

Since it had been so long, we figured why not blow past our usual 30 minutes? Why not blow past 60 minutes? Heck, why not blow past 90 minutes? Ninety-one minutes and 56 seconds, to be exact, but who’s counting?


We figure you aren’t, since you missed our voices so much. But that feature length podcast wasn’t just minutes on end blathering about nothing. It was the annual ReelGood Christmas Party in Derek’s garage, which never gets used for parking, so some people call it a shed, Derek has learned.

We had a record number of podcasters sitting in on this one — five, to be exact — most of whom had their mouths close enough to the microphones to be heard, most of the time. John M. and Sascha were the new guys, Blake and Derek were the seasoned veterans looking older than ever (actually Blake is looking fit as all get out), and John R. was the founder stepping out the door for places unknown. He’ll be back on the podcast, we’re sure of it.

The discussion surrounded our top fives of 2020, or did it? Some people talked about that. Others talked about whatever they wanted to, as long as the number totalled five, or even if it totalled eight. Baskets were also discussed.

So we put a crap year behind us with style — though you’ll ultimately be the judge of that — and look forward to a better 2021, full of cinematic tidings of great joy.