these finest hours

You know that you’re in trouble when your film looks like a shit version of The Perfect Storm, considering The Perfect Storm was pretty shit to begin with. This is The Finest Hours and it’s a film by Craig Gillespie; the very same Craig Gillespie who made Lars And The Real Girl not so long ago (depending on your definition of ‘long’). What really upsets us about this trailer is how crappy Chris Pine looks in the film, considering he was the best thing about both Into The Woods and Horrible Bosses 2. Actually, he was the only good thing about Horrible Bosses 2. Do you know what really gets our goat though? We’re going to have to go see this movie, because we operate a film review website. We’re not going to get those two ‘finest’ hours back. It’s days like this we sort of wish we were Paris Hilton and could just sleep all day or play The Witcher 3 all day or eat McDonald’s all day.

“The rescue mission took place in 1952 off the Cape Cod coast after two oil tankers, SS Fort Mercer and SS Pendletonwere destroyed by treacherous winter winds and waves. A motor life boat’s crew were heroically involved in rescuing nearly all the tankers’ crewmen.”

The Finest Hours stars Chris Pine, Ben Foster, Eric Bana, Holliday Grainger, Graham McTavish and Casey Affleck and is set for release in January, 2015.

Check out the trailer below – 

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