She’s dead… Wrapped in plastic.


We recently looked at some of the strangest characters that David Lynch has conjured out of his warped mind. And now, with the release of entire mystery on Blu-ray, we thought we also better do a recap of the most awesome Twin Peaks characters.

10 | FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole (David Lynch)

twin peaks

The creator himself makes his entrance into season two of Twin Peaks. Gordon Cole, aka, David Lynch seems to be more or less mocking himself. He has all the trademarks like a quiff, strong neckline and straightforward and metaphorical delivery, only his speech is amped up because wears a hearing aid. Gordon Cole definitely adds humour, nonsense and everything Lynch to the series.

9 | Nadine Hurley (Wendy Robie)

twin peaks

Nadine has an eye patch and almost looks like a precursor to Daryl Hannah in Kill Bill. She wears a lot of spandex and spends time exercising and being inventive. She has marital problems and it’s sad but extremely funny watching her silent drape-runners invention ruined by husband Ed. Her boisterous vocals and loud appearance makes up for being a typical female victim. Nadine has superhuman strength and is awesome.

8 | Jerry Horne (Robert Davenport)

twin peaks

This guy is a cree, has a very Morrissey-esque buzz-cut and is just slightly more forgivable than his older brother Ben, who is evil. Jerry goes for anything with a pulse, however his short hunched posture when he follows Ben makes you stop and feel sorry for him.

7 | Shelly Johnson (Mädchen Amick)

twin peaks

Shelly Johnson is married to the monstrous wife beater Leo and, thankfully, gets her revenge. She works as a waitress at the Double R Diner, where most of the characters come in for coffee and cherry pie. Perhaps it’s the amazing heavy brows and lip liner against her 50s uniform, but Shelly is a likeable person, who adds charm and a smile to the series.

6 | Deputy Andy Brennan (Harry Goaz)

twin peaks

Andy is very sensitive and quite dim-witted. Although he is a slapstick sort of guy and quite useless when it comes to shooting or handling police procedures, his gun ability improves after he saves fellow Sheriff Truman. Andy has some very laugh out loud moments and other moments when you’ll be cheering him on.

5 | Lucy Moran (Kimmy Robertson)

twin peaksPerhaps Lucy’s biggest achievement is pointing the police department in the right direction by figuring out Cooper’s cryptic methods. But the reasons for her awesomeness also include her vocal tones, crazy sweaters and a determination to be one organised receptionist. Lucy comes with donuts and is Andy’s awkward love interest.

4 | Pete Martell (Jack Nance)

twin peaks

A bit of an oddball really, but quite hospitable, Pete, the lumberjack, is the one who finds Laura’s body and delivers the show’s very famous, “She’s dead – wrapped in plastic” line. Pete’s speech, with his slow talking and expressive eyes, is quite memorable. He is married to Catherine, whom he hates. Although he may seem like a fool, Pete is quite aware of Catherine’s deceitful liaisons and manages to let her know who’s boss.

3 | Deputy Tommy “Hawk” Hill (Michael Horse)

twin peaks

Deputy Tommy “Hawk” Hill is nicknamed Hawk for his excellent tracking skills. Hawk is part of the police department and spends most of his time finding relevant leads, a field in which he never disappoints. This guy is also a skilled knife thrower – there’s nothing too not like about Hawk or his amazing Navajo threads.

2 | Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn)

twin peaks

Every boy/ girls fantasy, Audrey is dreamy and amazing. The daughter of the notorious Ben Horne, she is kind of sociopath. Audrey provides Cooper knowledge about her murdered school college Laura Palmer and if need be, makes up info in order to see him. Audrey flirts a lot and is accompanied by jazzy music riffs. Although she acts cute, Audrey is smart, motivated and willing to do whatever it takes for her own gratification.

1 | Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan)

twin peaks

Let’s be honest and a bit shallow, age hasn’t been kind to Kyle MacLachlan. That doesn’t matter because he once played the most awesome Lynch creation, Special Agent Dale Cooper. Cooper is essentially the main protagonist, who investigates the mystery behind Laura Palmer’s death, drinks a lot of coffee and indulges in unorthodox detective work.

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